Get It Matched! 3-In-1 Card Game is an Augmented Reality (AR) enabled educational card game that educates your children on topics, such as numbers, shapes and vehicles in an exciting and immersive way. 

These cards harness the benefits of Game-Based Learning which aids the development of executive functions. This includes enhancing your child’s inhibitory control, working memory and cognitive flexibility. Following the Benefits of Augmented Reality Learning, it will help to increase their learning outcomes and attention span. For more information, please take a look at
In this edition, there are 52 cards that can be scanned individually or together (maximum two cards) to produce an interaction, which will make more 200 AR combinations to explore when scanning the cards. The AR combinations include numbers 0 to 99, 10 different shapes and vehicles from Singapore. An instruction booklet is also included to guide you on how to use the product.

Get It Matched! 3-In